Forensic Video Analysis : Real Videos vs Fake Videos - Video Forensics

Forensic Video Analysis
Forensic Video Analysis
Forensic Video Analysis: Video Forensics

Now in December 2018, almost every person has a camera and mobile so everyone can create videos, make images. We in our daily life make a lot of images and videos and this is the reason that now in many court cases videos are given as an evidence in court. If a Case running in court and videos are given as a evidence then these videos will get tested in a lab that they are original or fake then the lab gives the results about videos and case will move forward on the base of lab decision.

Do you ever think that in Lab what process was done through which they check that the video presented is fake or original?
If we talk about video editing in past, where editing is very difficult, when for editing a little part of the video many hours used and video editing word is connected to Hollywood movies but if we talk about video editing in today than we see then today video editing is easy, many free and easily downloadable algorithms are available that can run on a normal computer, that algorithms get face details and swap faces. 

I am talking about Deep Fakes which was recently very popular and if you can give this algorithm two videos with two different faces than this algorithm automatically change faces of both persons. That seems like a weird thing when we think about it, because in past, it was not normally available as it is now, this is the reason today video forensics get very important, because many face swap type algorithms are available in the market so there are many chances that the presented video is also fake, So how they check that the video is real or fake.

The first and most useable technique is seeing, First of all they see the video clearly, watch every area and every part of video to see that is there something looking weird, or some different because when someone doing normal video editing the area which is edited, pixels are not exactly matching  and if some new video editor do video editing then we also see difference in edges, so they get to know that this video was fake and was original. Humans eyes are working in a limit at that condition but If a good level video editor do editing then its difficult for the human eye to see the edited area. In that conditions, computers were used, basically, in computers, there are algorithms that see every pixel of the image and if on some point they see the difference they understand that this image is edited. If you talk about the camera than two adjacent pixels are not too different and when this is implemented on videos than frames from videos were check that the video is original or fake.

The second technique is a very interesting technique because In this technique compares algorithms were used. When someone used video or audio editing software then after editing when software saves the image then that image was saved in a specific format and normally left his footprint with the image. If someone edits a photo in adobe photoshop then there are many chances that in the code of photo somewhere fingerprints of adobe photoshop is present. When a normal eye sees that image, then the images look real not edited but when you see about compereshan elements of the image you know that through which software this photo was edited. It's easy to find that image is edited when someone edits them with a popular software or algorithm but when a low known software or custom algorithm was used then this technique is not fully worked because its very difficult to know about every software, normally only popular software are tested.

When they can't know that in which software image is edited, they ask a question that this video is edited or raw, they asked this because in courts normally evidences videos come directly from CCTV cameras or mobile phones, so when they see in the coding of video then they clearly know that the video is edited from which device because every image sensor when record a video or image, record it in a specific way and almost all camera's normally used in market, footprints are different. When they know that the image or video is created from which device than they get assured that the image or video is edited or not because when someone edits an image or video its footprint from the device from which it was created were not remain.

When this technique gets failed they take help from physics and science and using them they see the direction of lights in image or video, If on somewhere light direction is different from other points then they get know that on that point image was edited.
These are the techniques that are used to check about videos that they are real or fake and the first technique (seeing) is the commonly used technique to check videos, they are real or fake. Hope you learn something new, If you like this then leave a beautiful comment, Subscribe us by email and don't forget to share because sharing is caring. Thanks

How To Stop A Car When Brakes Fail : Driving Lesson

How To Stop A Car When Brakes Fail
How To Stop A Car When Brakes Fail 
How To Stop A Car When Brakes Fail: Driving Lesson

In below Video, You will see how to stop a car when brakes fail. If you are in an unfortunate condition that your car brakes don't work, You will use these steps to get out of that unfortunate condition and to stop your car. It is very important to take your car to a safe location once you stopped it completely. Don't try to drive again when you realized that brakes have failed (until you get it to fix).


How to become a freelancer: Complete Guide

How to become a freelancer
How to become a freelancer
How to become a freelancer: Complete Guide

Are you a graphic designer, web developer, UI designer or having any other skill and want to start your own freelance career, So you come in the right place because, in this post, I will give you some Important tips, which will help you a lot in starting your own freelancing career.

First of all before starting a freelance career, you must know that you have to work full time or part time, If you want to work full time that its good because then you can directly meet client, you can do maximum projects in short time but if you want to do freelancing in part-time than you have to be very careful about your time management, so then it will not effect on your full-time work.
If you want to start freelancing as a full-time job but due to a reason you can't get success and then you want to do a job then there's become a big difference in your job experience and you might face some difficulties to get a job.

If you want to start freelancing as a full-time job or part job time job than you can,t get success so quickly, because there are so many developers and designers already doing freelancing. So you have to give yourself almost 2 to 3 years timeframe to see how much good your freelance job doing. In the start, you might get good results and then you face breakdown or may be in starting you can't do very well and then you will get good work and results. So for staying in freelancing market you first have to give your 2 to 3 years to freelancing career.

So, If you finally decide to start freelancing than you first have to answer these questions.

First Questions is how much you need to earn each month? So, If you can't work full time then still you and your family get no financial problems. 

The second question is what time of freelancing work you want to start? like logo design, T-shirt design, Brochures, Photo editing, web page design, UI/UX design, 3d animation etc.

The third question is what kind of client you want to work with? A local business, An IT Company, Startup, Organization, Lawyers, builders etc. 

The fourth and most Important question is, Can you take criticism? Criticism means if your work gets rejected or your proposal gets rejected then you can't give up. You know that today in almost every field there is so much competition so, if the client doesn't like your work and reject your work then you can't give up and leave freelancing due to that.

The fifth question is, Can you work under pressure/stress? Sometimes your client need work done within one day or two days and already you have so many works to do. So how you deal this matter, can you properly work under pressure, So you have to plan these things and then come in freelancing.

The sixth question is, Do you have a backup plan? If a client can,t pay in time or any other problem happen than can you have enough amount to survive, do you have any backup plan. It's also very important to create a backup plan.

The seventh and last question is, Do you have good communications skills, Can you convey your message properly to your client, can you understand client requirement, It might happen that when you can't understand client requirement you have to do same work again and again. So you have answers to these questions, If you want to start freelancing business or freelancing.

So, If you have answers of all questions and you decide that you have to start freelancing than the first point is how you brand your yourself, because already in the IT field there is so competition, So can you different from these all, so for this you have to brand yourself, You can do branding with your portfolio, you have to make a website where you show your portfolio, portfolio means what kind of work you can do, either its logo design, photo editing or whatever. So, its necessary that you have a portfolio website, which client will see and give you work according to your portfolio, Along with your portfolio website its also important to make your portfolio on other websites, if you are a web designer then you can also make your portfolio on websites like or and you can also take reference from these websites. It's also an important step when you starting your freelance career. Also, it's important that you carry your visiting card everytime you go somewhere in which all details are written which you can give to your clients and in visiting card make sure all important details are mention. Through visiting card you can also get work. So its also important before you starting freelancing.

Now when the brand was made, portfolios were uploaded now how to start, so your first client is maybe is someone in your family, your uncle, your relative etc. Whenever you worked for someone it will add to your portfolio, and you can also show that work to your client. You can also work something for your friends for free and they will refer you to others so you will get work. So it's important to see around yourself that is there someone who can help you in growing your business.

Next will be or some other website as I earlier mention that you can also upload your portfolio on so, from you can also get some clients, also you have you to make your account on because from you can also get many clients you are interested to give you a freelance job. and are also very important websites for freelancing.

So Important is that you have to register and make portfolio as many websites as you can, you can also directly approach small NGOs to get some work from them. This will also help you in making your portfolio. Every source is very Important for starting a freelance career so give importance to every source.
Next thing is networking, means in IT industry how many peoples you know and how many peoples knows you, so if any meetup will occur, try to go for it, network peoples, give them your visiting card, talk to them, make new friends, tell peoples about your work and tell him if they have any work related to your field than they tell you. In this way, if you make a network than surely you get good results and there are many chances that you get a lot of work.
So, they are some important things that you have to keep in mind, when you do freelancing, through this way you can start your freelancing career.

So, if this article will help you tell us in the comment section, also you can ask your questions about freelancing in the comment section and don't forget to share this information because sharing is caring also Make sure to subscribe us by email. Thanks

Insurance Companies in Pakistan : Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance

Insurance Companies in Pakistan
Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Insurance Companies in Pakistan : Life Insurance, Car Insurance

You will see many times that someone your relative or friend etc that is linked to an Insurance company, trying to motivate you for insurance and for making your mind to do insurance they are telling you some interesting facts and stories. For example, They asked you first that your business was running so good but do you think what if you come to home from office and you get died by an accident and many more these types are stories they telling peoples to convince them for doing insurance. These peoples with their few minutes of speech make a happy person forced to think about insurance. These peoples with their some minute speech make a healthy people died and covered by white cover etc. These peoples with their speech forced normal people to think about Insurance seriously.
So, what is Insurance, First we need to talk about insurance?
Basically, Insurance is like a contract with two peoples, In which one person which is Insurance company assures his client, That if they get some financial loss or something physical harm etc than they will pay them and for that other person, which do insurance will pay a specific amount of money. That contract is called Insurance Policy.
Insurance of a car is called car insurance and insurance of life is called life insurance.
Insurance was first introduced by business men of Greece and Rome. When businessmen send their products to another country or city by ship then if their products don't reach their destination then shipping company will pay them to get out of this loss.
If the insurance contract is according to Islamic policy then its called kafaalat and kafaalat or takaful has special importance in Islam. Now, most of the companies in Pakistan doesn't follow Islamic rules. If a company do insurance with Islamic policy than its all right because in Islam takaful was liked. Many Islamic scholars have different ideas about insurance.
In Pakistan, some Islamic scholars called state life insurance, insurance and takaful right and some said it is wrong and don't follow Islamic rules.
So, Whenever you decide to do insurance, then contact some real and senior Islamic scholar and ask them about your company policy, that its follow Islam or not because of some banks in Pakistan also Islamic insurance policies or takaful.
So, That the end. Kindly tell us something about this in comment sections and subscribe us by email so you will get a notification every time we post something new and something informational. Thanks

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