Insurance Companies in Pakistan : Best Insurance Companies: 2019

Insurance Companies in Pakistan
Insurance Companies in Pakistan
You will see many times that someone your relative or friend etc that is linked to an Insurance company, trying to motivate you for insurance and for making your mind to do insurance they are telling you some interesting facts and stories. For example, They asked you first that your business was running so good but do you think what if you come to home from office and you get died by an accident and many more these types are stories they telling peoples to convince them for doing insurance. These peoples with their few minutes of speech make a happy person forced to think about insurance. These peoples with their some minute speech make healthy people died and covered by white cover etc. These peoples with their speech forced normal people to think about Insurance seriously. So, what is Insurance, First we need to talk about insurance?
Basically, Insurance is like a contract with two peoples, In which one person which is Insurance company assures his client, That if they get some financial loss or something physical harm, etc then they will pay them and for that other person, which do insurance will pay a specific amount of money. That contract is called the Insurance Policy.
Insurance of a car is called car insurance and insurance of life is called life insurance.
Insurance was first introduced by business men of Greece and Rome. When businessmen send their products to another country or city by ship then if their products don't reach their destination then shipping company will pay them to get out of this loss.
If the insurance contract is according to Islamic policy then its called kafaalat and kafaalat or takaful has special importance in Islam. Now, most of the companies in Pakistan don't follow Islamic rules. If a company do insurance with Islamic policy than its all right because in Islam takaful was liked. Many Islamic scholars have different ideas about insurance. In Pakistan, some Islamic scholars called state life insurance, insurance, and takaful right and some said it is wrong and don't follow Islamic rules.
So, Whenever you decide to do insurance, then contact some real and senior Islamic scholar and ask them about your company policy, that its follow Islam or not because of some banks in Pakistan also Islamic insurance policies or takaful.
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